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When my first precious bundle entered my world I couldn’t take my eyes off him and leaving him alone just for a moment seemed impossible at first. In the early days, I remember checking on him, what seemed like every few minutes, to make sure that he was ok; despite him being sound asleep…I am sure that you can relate. Now here I am 4 little darlings later and while I am a little more relaxed, I still worry about them. I worry that if I prepare some meals while they are asleep I may not hear them cry, or if I am in the laundry room tending to that huge mount Everest of a washing pile I may not heat them call for me and I worry that if, once they are all in bed, I spend some time on the balcony enjoying the warm summer evenings I may not realize that they are getting too hot or becoming upset and it’s my job right – to always be there, to always know when they need me, to never miss a thing! However, those chores won’t do themselves, so outside to the laundry room I must go, and my Husband needs my company too and I need his, so we should make the most of those warm summer evenings outside together…although I can’t help still worrying.


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