Yonanans Promotion on ‘Make it Fake it Bake it’

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Yonanas Promotion on 'Make it Fake it Bake it'

The Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker arrived in our house just in time for the first wave of warmer weather and so it was put to use immediately.

I have to admit that at first sight I was a little apprehensive that this rather simple looking machine could really create the delicious looking ice creams that the recipe book and fantastic pictures promised. Would it be just another of those kitchen gadgets that’s great the day you get it then lives in the cupboard until one day, whilst moving house, you find it in the back of the cabinet, and say “oh, I’d forgotten all about this. Pop it in the garage sale box” My 5-year-old son on the other hand was extremely excited and, while drooling over the recipe book, had made a long list of deserts that we just had to make and we headed to the shops to stock up on the essential (and healthy) ingredients.

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